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Marlee Walchuk & Nathalie Callender

OUTmusic Awards New York City

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Marlee Walchuk

Vancouver Pride Opening Ceremonies Breakfast TV

Marlee Walchuk Nathalie Callender Outmusic awards

Marlee Walchuk and Nathalie Callender

OUTMusic Awards, Las Vegas



Vancouver Pride, OUT TV


Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk

Opening Pride House for 2010 Winter Olympics


Nathalie Callender and Marlee Walchuk

Opening the North American OUTGames 


Sugarbeach in Curve Magazine
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I Just Love Girls
Out lesbians Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callendar, favorites of the Canadian Pride fest circuit, pack a number of styles into this EP. Let’s call this collection of original gay love songs “electroni-lesbi-pop,” with “She’s With Me” adding a salsa-rific Latin flare. — Review: N.F.

Come on Out is a track everyone should listen to regardless of sexual orientation. The pure positivity and energy oozing out of the song is a vitamin shot against social isolation. It is also an invitation to life and love. Sugarbeach´s songs are infectious, Come on Out which is the anthem for the World Outgames this year held in Vancouver is equally upbeat and joyous.

Sugarbeach is a Canadian pop/rock group that I hope will come on over to Copenhagen and give us a show at one of our prides. Judging by their performances on YouTube, shot at the annual pride fest across  Canada, these ladies know how to kick ass. All songs are written and performed by Marlee Walchuk and Nat "Tully" Callender.

Marlee contacted me last month about sourcing footage from my recordings of the Copenhagen World Outgames. But I´m glad she ditched that idea and went ahead with this new video which I think is absolutely wonderful, simple, and to
 the point!! Seriously the Vancouver, BC tourist board should be paying Sugarbeach for this video!!! It had me searching for available seats to YVR!!!

Anyway, suffice to say, I´ll be following these super duper power lesbians from now on. I´m hooked!

Check out their website to see what they are up to here

Posted 22nd July 2011 by Amagerica Blogspot

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